Nose reduction with ginger

The shape of the nose is an important beauty mark. Its axial position in the face often gives it the greatest importance; Which leads many women to search for ways to improve it beautifully, and increase self-confidence, and there are some ways to reduce its size, some of which are by using make-up and defining the shape of the nose with it, and some are based on the application of some specialized exercises that reduce the appearance of The nose, but what is considered a radical and permanent treatment to reduce the size of the nose is through plastic surgery.

Is it possible to reduce the nose with ginger?

There is no evidence of the validity of the rumors circulating on the Internet that the use of ginger, or any of the other recipes, helps to reduce the nose. Some believe that mixing ginger powder with a little water to make a paste that is applied on the nose for 10 minutes for several days may help in reducing the size of the nose; This is due to its anti-inflammatory and swelling properties, but in fact what determines the shape and size of the nose is the cartilage, which cannot be affected or changed by any of these recipes, and therefore the use of ginger paste on the nose does not return any benefit.

Nose reduction exercises

As we mentioned earlier, exercises do not help in changing the size of the nose, but there is no harm in trying them, and the following is an explanation of how to perform these exercises:

The first exercise: press the sides of your nose with the index fingers of both hands, and take a strong inhale; For more benefit, increase the pressure on the bottom of the sides of your nose, repeat this exercise 10 times.

The second exercise: put the index finger on the front of your nose, and press it gently, and at the same time use your nose to create a counter pressure on your finger, continue this exercise regularly.

The third exercise: Sit in a comfortable position, then press on one of your nostrils, take a strong inhale through the second nostril, and hold it for four seconds, then remove the pressure from your nostril, and press the second nostril, then exhale through the other nostril that you were You closed it at first, repeat this exercise every day 10 times for each nostril.

The fourth exercise: Massage your nose, starting from the end to the front, and ending with its sides, and continue this for 5 minutes. 

Fifth exercise: Smile and at the same time press your nose upwards, repeating this exercise at least 20 times each day.

Nose reduction surgery

Rhinoplasty is the only useful way to reduce the size of the nose, which is one of the most famous plastic surgeries performed around the world, but it is often not recommended to resort to it unless there is a need for it, such as respiratory problems, or nasal deformities that affect a person's appearance And he trusted himself.
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