How to make your small bedroom more beautiful and spacious

Decorators confirm that there are several steps that can be taken to make the small bedroom look more beautiful And wide, and the opposite of what some people think is confirmed that space will not achieve the desired comfort and that it will not Decorations are placed inside it.
Decorators say it's easy to get cluttered in small bedrooms when they're lacking To storage places, explaining that all things or clothes that are no longer needed should be abandoned to use.

It is also recommended to reduce the number of pieces of furniture, and to keep the floor almost empty, with the exception of carpets and main pieces of furniture Such as bed, desk and closet.

An important step is to design suitable shelving in places that allow this, as well as choosing a bed without A high back, and in a way that drawers are integrated at the bottom to give additional storage, as it contributes to the appearance of space wider.

Decoration specialists say that it is better to choose curtains made of transparent or semi-transparent fabric for the bedroom Small ones, with the importance of installing them near the ceiling and making them not touch the ground so that the space appears wider.
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