What Is The Difference Between Dropshipping And E-commerce?

What Is The Difference Between Dropshipping And E-commerce?
Hello, in this humble article, we will learn about dropshipping and e-commerce, and what is the difference between them.
If you are a beginner and do not know what dropshipping is, continue reading because I will make you understand what dropshipping is easily.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is selling any product that you do not own online.
Dropshipping is like e-commerce, but you don't have to own products to sell, or be a manufacturer, or have inventory of products. Rather, you sell products via the Internet that you do not even own
To start Dropshipping, all you need is your own store on the Shopify platform or any other platform, or you can sell on eBay and Etsy... Then you look for suppliers on Alibaba or AliExpress, and you publish the same products on your store and when The product is sold on your store, you copy the buyer's information and send it to the supplier, and he sends the product to him.
You can also publish Aliexpress products on your store, and when someone buys the product through your store, you go to the same product on the Aliexpress application and buy the product, and instead of adding your shipping information, you add the shipping information of the person who purchased the product on your store.
Thus, you sell products that you do not own, and this method is called dropshipping.

How To Make Money From Dropshipping

As for the method of making money from dropshipping, it is a very simple method.
You search for new products, products that are sold in abundance, or products that solve a problem... and add them to your store, and add a higher price than the original price of the product. For example, you sell a watch whose price is $10 on Aliexpress. You sell it on your store for 30 dollars, and when someone buys it, you will make 20 dollars in net profit, and the other 10 dollars are your capital.

What Is E-commerce?

E-commerce is like normal commerce, the only difference between them is that regular commerce takes place in regular shops and E-commerce takes place through stores online

But to start e-commerce, you will need to buy products in bulk, and you must also have an inventory of products to store the products, and you will also need to create your online store, whether on the Shopify platform and other platforms, or sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other international stores.

For selling on Amazon FBA, you do not need to store the products in your home or in private stores, but rather you send the products to Amazon stores, which will do the packaging, shipping, and other details. You can search on Google and YouTube for (what is Amazon FBA).

What are the best platforms to create your store?

These are the 10 best global platforms for creating your online store:

1- Shopify
2- BigCommerce
3- Wix
4- WooCommerce
5- 3dcart
6- Magento
7- Chipchip.com
8- PrestaShop
9- Weebly
10- Mozillo

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