Do you kiss your baby on the mouth - never do it again

Do you kiss your baby on the mouth - never do it again

In this topic, we will show you some of the dangers of kissing babies on the mouth.

- Kissing the infant from the mouth leads to a fungal infection of the tongue. This infection may spread to the gums and the rest of the infant's mouth, which causes continuous drooling and difficulty in eating.

- Kissing infants from the mouth leads to sore throat and tonsils, and symptoms of this include high temperature, difficulty swallowing and eating, and loud screaming.

- Scientific research has proven that kissing a newborn from the mouth may lead to tonsillitis, as we mentioned, which in turn may lead to major complications, such as: inflammation of the kidneys and heart problems, and other risks to the health of the child after he grows up.

- When kissing an infant from the mouth, a number of microbes will be transmitted to him, such as staphylococcal microbes, which are the microbes that are naturally present in the human mouth, even if he is a healthy person.

- When a nursing child is kissed from the mouth by an adult infected with an infectious disease, this infectious disease will be transmitted to the infant very easily. Among the infectious diseases that may be transmitted to him are influenza and dangerous hepatitis viruses, including virus A, which is transmitted through kissing.

- An infant may develop meningitis when kissed orally, and this disease is transmitted by microbes that exist naturally in the mouth of a healthy person.

- Kissing infants at this age exposes them to mumps, German measles, and gray measles, all because their immunity is not well formed to fight such viruses.

- Viral diseases and some microbes can be transmitted to infants through the salivary glands, which leads to inflammation of the child's salivary glands.

- There is a disease called kissing disease, which is known as adenocarcinoma, which occurs when infants kiss orally.

- Colds and influenza are among the most common viral diseases that affect infants due to oral kissing, and they cannot be underestimated because they may affect the cells lining the brain cells, which lead to a severe rise in temperature, which leads to convulsions in the child, and he may develop It leads to infection with meningitis, which may sometimes lead to death.

- Kissing infants from the mouth may lead to herpes infection, through oral secretions, and its symptoms include: inflammation of the lymph nodes, pharyngitis, vomiting and fatigue, and high temperature.

- When kissing infants from the mouth, it may lead to severe gastroenteritis for the child, if the kiss is loaded with pus cells.

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