How to Protect Your Amazon Merch on Demand Account from Suspension

If you have an account on Amazon merch on Demand and have added new designs and started making some profits from your designs, it's good to read this humble article where I will provide you with some tips to avoid account closure.
Understand that there are laws or rights called intellectual property rights and copyrights, and to avoid the closure of your account on Amazon merch on Demand, respect intellectual property rights and copyrights, meaning do not steal ideas and designs that are not yours and you haven't worked on, but rather just stole.

In short, here are some tips to protect your account from permanent closure:

1- Never upload designs belonging to legally registered companies, websites, and sports clubs like trademarks nike, adidas, Facebook, YouTube, Real Madrid club, etc.

2- Do not upload designs that are already on Amazon even if they are not registered or not affiliated with a company. Know that Merch by Amazon policy allows the transfer of ideas and public domain things that are not registered in intellectual property rights and copyrights, but you must redesign those ideas in your own unique way and different from the original design.

3- Avoid tricks in titles, keywords, and descriptions. For example, if your design is about cats and the title is about football, the title and keywords should be related to your design. You may use these tricks and your designs will be published without any problems, but know that if someone reports your design or if the website management reviews your designs in the future and finds violations, your account will be permanently closed without prior warning.

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