Vladimir Putin: Abandoning the dollar is inevitable

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow is capable of dealing with Western pressure, despite the thousands of sanctions imposed on his country as a result of the military operation in Ukraine.
He stressed that "the tactic of launching a fleeting and quick war against the country did not succeed," as he put it.

He also added during a government meeting on economic affairs, today, Monday, that the country is facing aggression at the technological and financial levels, but this economic blitzkrieg against it did not succeed.

He also stressed that implementing a set of measures to support the national economy prevented an economic recession and contributed to stabilizing inflation, stressing that the inflation index will continue to decline.

Putin also suggested that the Russian economy would go on the path of growth, while making it clear that the process of abandoning the dollar had become inevitable and inevitable.

He concluded by pointing out that the situation in the labor market is still stable, and unemployment is at its lowest level in history.
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