10 plants that purify the air in the house

10 plants that purify the air in the house

1- Peace lily

2- Cactus

3- Pothos

4- Rosemary

5- spider plant

6- pineapple

7- snake plant

8- chrysanthemums

9- Lady Palm

10- philodendron

Are you thinking of buying houseplants? Plants not only help decorate the room, but are very beneficial for your health and mood, they provide a nice dose of fresh oxygen, but did you know that there are some plants that purify the air and make you feel better than others? In this article, we will learn about 10 air purifying plants that you can grow at home.

Peace lily
Peace lilies are said to be an ornamental plant that purifies the air by up to 60%, which means they're a great choice if you want fresh, clean air in your home all the time. They're also said to be great for use in the bathroom as they help control mildew.

Having plants in your bathroom is actually a great idea that doesn't get used very often, so if you have a window that lets in light, put a peace lily plant to purify the air in your bathroom every day.

If you don't like the commitment to watering plants, consider having aloe vera plants in your home, as they are one of the most popular plants that you can find easily and do not require much maintenance. Aloe vera gel is known to help treat skin problems and make your hands completely soft, and aloe vera is also a great choice when it comes to purifying the air.

Experiments have proven that aloe vera is great at getting rid of VOCs in the air. These chemicals come from cleaning agents and other sources. Aloe vera helps remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air in particular, and is inexpensive and does not require much care and attention.

You may have heard of pothos before, they are usually seen as one of the easiest plants to grow at home, and they are a great type for beginners to grow enthusiasts . The plant can reportedly help purify the air of formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.

As some believe that pothos can help relieve eye irritation due to its air-purifying properties, you can also stare at pothos to relieve eye fatigue from hours spent at screens.

You may be tempted to start growing some beautiful herbs and vegetables to get them fresh whenever you want. Try growing rosemary at home. It's actually a healthy idea, smells good and cleans the air.

Most plants with needle-like leaves are thought to be great for clearing the air, so if you've already grown rosemary, choose some plants that are similar in this feature.

Spider plant
For beginners in growing house plants , spider plant is the perfect choice, as this wonderful plant calmly fights toxins including carbon monoxide and xylene, a solvent used in the printing and rubber industries. If you have pets, this is one of the few houseplants that are not toxic to animals. One of the most important features of the spider plant is that it does not need a lot of sunlight, so you can put it in a place that does not get much sun.

Pineapple plant
Pineapple plants will not only help purify the air, but will also help in rejuvenating your home. It is also assumed that pineapple plants have been associated with helping people stop snoring, because the pineapple plant produces oxygen in abundance and helps renew the air in the place, which is great for people who They may have some difficulty breathing while sleeping.

Snake plant
The twisted leaves of the snake plant help absorb toxins in the air, and they also release plenty of oxygen into the air, which is good for anyone who may need to purify the air. Snake plant also helps people with allergies because it is a natural and cheap way to stay healthy and reduce their allergy symptoms.

And the snake plant is not only suitable for the home, but it is also ideal for cultivation in public places and workplaces that need to  purify the air constantly.

Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers in their shape because they give joy and a feeling of freshness, and they bloom throughout the year in addition to keeping the air clean constantly. Tulips are quite easy to care for so they would be a great addition to any home.

Lady Palm
Lady palm is one of the few plants that can help reduce the levels of ammonia that are emitted from a range of cleaning products. They are expensive to buy fully grown, so you may want to buy a small lady palm plant or even its seeds, because they are very easy to grow, and they are distinguished It can grow well in the shade and may reach up to 14 feet tall.

The philodendron is great at removing formaldehyde from the air, and it can also block EMF radio waves in the air, perfect if your home is small.

Speaking of small spaces, these plants can also thrive in a corner that doesn't get much sunlight but has a slightly slower growth.

Houseplants can boost your mental health, help you breathe better, focus more, and are an easy-to-care-for creature that only needs sunlight and some water. The only thing to remember before buying a plant is to make sure it's not toxic to children and animals.

Choose a plant that helps purify the air in your home from harmful components emitted, whether from cleaners, fumes, or others, and keep the air in your home fresh and clean every day. Plants can make a big difference to your health and your home décor, too.

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