Healthy diet to lose weight in a month

Healthy diet to lose weight in a month

  • Losing excess weight
  • Create a healthy diet to lose weight
  • Important weight loss tips
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Weight loss surgeries
One can follow a healthy diet to lose weight in a month and reach the ideal weight, and this system depends on some changes that include daily lifestyle, eating habits, and the type of food eaten, and it is necessary to strive to get rid of excess weight until the person ensures the stability of his health It reduces the risk of some diseases such as diabetes.

Losing excess weight

Many people seek to lose excess weight and reach a normal weight in order to avoid many of the difficulties and risks caused by obesity. One should develop an appropriate plan and avoid losing weight too quickly because it is a wrong practice; Sometimes it ends in failure, while the chance of continuing with the slimming plan increases if one sets realistic goals that they can achieve.

Instructions for setting a regimen to lose weight in a month

The appropriate diet for losing weight and slimming in one month varies from person to person as a result of many factors, most notably: the person’s physical activity levels, the amount of weight he wants to lose, health problems or personal or cultural requirements. The correct diet that helps to lose 4.5 kg in a month:

Reducing refined carbohydrates: If one can reduce the amounts of refined carbohydrates in their diet; This contributes to improving the quality of the food he eats in addition to enhancing the ability to lose weight and lose excess weight, including eating whole grains instead of refined grains. Calorie counting: In order for a person to lose weight, he must burn large amounts of calories , and the number of calories burned must be increased over the number of calories that enter the body for slimming purposes, and if the number of calories entered exceeds the number of calories burned; This leads to weight gain rather than loss. 

Choose healthy drinks: Despite the ease of choosing healthy drinks, they have a significant role in slimming, because soft drinks, energy drinks and juices usually contain large amounts of sugars that contribute to obesity in the long run. 

Eat slowly: Eating food at a slower speed is an appropriate strategy for enjoying food, in addition to enhancing the feeling of satiety, and reducing the amount of foods that a person eats during the day, and some studies have shown that slow eating enhances the presence of some hormones responsible for satiety as well.

Increasing fiber in the diet: Fiber helps maintain blood sugar regulation, and it also slows down the digestion of food, which promotes the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time, and for this reason, sources of fiber are important foods for weight loss and slimming, and an amount ranging from 25- 38 grams of fiber per day for this purpose. 

Increasing proteins at breakfast: Foods rich in proteins help enhance satiety in humans in two ways: one is by reducing appetite, and the other is by reducing the levels of calories consumed by the body, and there are many sources of proteins suitable for breakfast, including: milk, eggs, cheese, oatmeal, and butter Peanuts. 

Intermittent Iftar Practice: Intermittent fasting is very similar to Ramadan fasting. It refers to stopping eating food and drinking fluids during certain hours of the day, in order to reduce calories and lose weight, and it is worth noting that intermittent fasting is not useful in losing weight if the body gets large amounts of calories.

Make sure to eat vegetables: Vegetables are characterized by their high nutritional value compared to many other types of foods, as they are rich in fiber and low in calories, and some studies have found that people who eat more vegetables reduce the risk of obesity, including approximately 17%. 

Avoid sauces and liquids: Adding sauces and spices can increase the calories in food significantly, which is why it is recommended to avoid them when developing a diet aimed at losing weight, and mayonnaise is one of the most prominent sauces that should be avoided, as well as teriyaki sauce, maple, and bean butter. peanut.

Important weight loss tips

There are many important tips for slimming and losing excess weight in order to maintain the health of the body, and one must make sure to follow the reliable instructions for losing weight, and avoid all tips that are useless, most notably: drink celery juice on a daily basis, as well as eat biscuits daily instead of Meals, because they are just tips that are usually promoted by non-specialists.

Avoid storing unhealthy foods

If one stocks unhealthy foods and fast food; This increases the chance of eating them, and it is necessary to get rid of these foods, and keep foods that help in losing excess weight on the kitchen shelves, including: oatmeal cakes, unsalted popcorn, and all soft drinks, fast foods, chocolate and chips should be kept away from the house.

Maintaining sports and physical activities

In case one wants to lose weight; It is necessary to exercise regularly, and every sports activity can make a difference in losing or maintaining weight without increasing [4] , because exercise, along with many health benefits, helps burn calories that cannot be eliminated by relying on On the diet alone.

Weight loss benefits

There are many health benefits that are obtained when slimming, and the following list contains several of these benefits:

Reducing pressure on the joints: 4.5 kg of excess weight can provide 18.1 of extra pressure on the knees and joints of the body, which leads to faster damage, and therefore weight loss is important to maintain the health of the joints, relieve stress and reduce the risk of infections.

Reducing the incidence of breast cancer: Some studies have shown that women who lost 5% of their weight decreased their risk of developing breast cancer by approximately 12%, and the reason for this may be due to the decrease in the proportion of some hormones related to cancer, including: estrogen, the hormone Androgens.

Diabetes prevention: The risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases in people who are obese and overweight, and losing excess weight can prevent or delay diabetes. For people with this disease; Losing weight can help stabilize their condition and reduce their need for medication.

Reducing blood pressure: When you gain weight, blood pressure increases on the walls of the arteries, and it also leads to an increase in the effort that the heart makes to pump blood, and slimming can help reduce pressure significantly, and if a person eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and dairy while reducing table salt; It helps reduce blood pressure more efficiently.

Weight loss surgeries

Doctors usually resort to surgeries to lose excess weight when both exercise and diet fail to reach the required weight, and operations are resorted to when there is a serious health problem due to the excess weight.

And these weight loss operations may be accompanied by some side effects and health risks, including: blood clots, infection, as well as death in rare cases, and gastric sleeve surgery is one of these operations, as well as gastric bypass surgery, pancreatic and bile duct diversion and gastric bypass surgery. twelve.

There are many instructions that help to develop a diet for slimming and losing weight within one month, including: eating foods rich in fiber and proteins and a lot of vegetables, as well as one should sleep well, exercise and exercise activities, in order to increase the efficiency of the diet in losing weight. overload.
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