Google launches an important feature that millions of Android phone users are waiting for

The American company Google recently launched a new test version of the Android 13 operating system, which contained a new feature of interest to millions of Android phone users.

Google provides Clear Calling feature to filter external noise during phone calls 

According to technical reports , Google has started testing a feature called Clear Calling, in the new test version of Android 13.

Reports indicated that this new feature would help purify external noise during phone calls, which leads to the appearance of the voices of both ends of the call clearly.

It also published some screenshots showing how to activate the Clear Calling feature on Android phones.
The reports quoted Google as saying that this new feature will work with voice calls over cellular networks, and will not work at the present time with calls over Wi-Fi networks, and that this feature will not be used to send the voices of calls to Google servers.

She also pointed out that the American technology giant has been actively working in recent years to develop new properties to isolate external noise during calls, which are known as ANC.

This feature relies on artificial intelligence techniques, in order to identify the user's voice during the call, and it also identifies overlapping sounds, such as animal sounds, car noises, or even keyboard sounds while typing on computers, to then remove all sounds, except for The caller's voice, in order to provide a high-quality voice call.

Google has previously introduced this feature to the Meet video calling application, and has also announced the use of hexa-core processors in the Pixel Buds Pro wireless speakers, which technology experts consider among the best noise-isolating smart speakers.

It is worth noting that the American company Google has so far launched several test versions of its new operating system Android 13, in preparation for the launch of the full version of it later this year.

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