Selling on Amazon and eBay or on your store, which is better?

What is better to sell on Amazon and eBay or on your own store? In this humble topic, we will discuss the difference between selling on Amazon and eBay and selling on your own store, whether for those who work in e-commerce or dropshipping.
The Internet is the best and easiest way to buy and sell, where you can sell your products to millions around the world, and you can also sell products that you do not originally own, to anyone around the world. E-commerce is of two types:

The first type: E-Commerce
It is that you sell any product you own online, whether on your own store, on social media, or on international stores such as Amazon, eBay, and others.

The second type: dropshipping
Dropshipping, which is to sell any product that you do not own via the Internet, whether on your own store or on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy... This type of trade is better and easier for those who do not have money to buy products, store them, and ship them to customers. As soon as you open your own store or a seller account on Amazon or eBay ... you go to the Ali Express store, for example, and choose one of the products and add the same product to your store with the same information and add your net profit to it and offer it for sale and when someone buys that product you go to the product page The original one is on the Aliexpress website, for example, and you buy the product, and instead of putting your information, you put the information of the person who bought the product from you, and the product will be shipped to him instead of being shipped to you. Thus, you will easily sell products that you do not own.

After I explained what e-commerce and dropshipping is in a simple way, now what is better to sell on Amazon and eBay or open your own store?

Selling on Amazon and eBay
If you sell on Amazon, you will need to buy products from wholesale sellers, ship the products to Amazon stores, and display those products for sale on Amazon, and Amazon will deduct an amount for each product you sell, in addition to paying every month for opening your store and selling on Amazon. But although selling on Amazon is also costly, it remains the best because you will not need to run advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, etc., because Amazon is visited by millions of visitors daily, and this means that you will sell your products even if you do not promote your products. As for eBay, it is very suitable for those who want to work with the dropshipping system, as they can achieve many sales without the need to run advertising campaigns as well.

Sell ​​on your own store
As for selling on your own store, it is very difficult. You will need to open a store on Shopify, for example, and pay $ 29 per month, as I think. And you add the products to your store, and when you add the products and someone buys the product from you, you will have to ship the product yourself. Even if you create your own store and add many products to it, you will need to promote your store, and this is very difficult. You may spend $ 100 on Facebook and Google ads and not achieve any sales, especially beginners in the world of e-commerce who face the biggest problem, which is how to create advertising campaigns in the right ways to bring in targeted visitors and get on sales. Because as everyone knows, Facebook and Google ads are very expensive. The price per click may reach $20 or more.

Thus, you will spend more on ads than the profits you make from your store. But for professionals in the world of e-commerce, they know the secrets of Facebook and Google ads, and yet selling through a private store remains difficult. Unless you sell in Arab countries because ads in Arab countries are less expensive.

As for selling on Amazon and others, you do not need to run advertising campaigns because you will sell on stores that have millions of targeted visitors who always buy.

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