How to Get Accepted in Amazon Merch on Demand in 2023

How to Get Accepted in Amazon Merch on Demand in 2023? If you have registered with Amazon Merch on Demand and you have not been accepted, here are some proven methods from me personally and some friends to easily accept your Amazon print on demand account. The easiest way to get accepted into Merch by Amazon.

Hello, since you are here, there is no doubt that you have heard about Amazon Merch on Demand and you want to register in it, or you have previously registered and were not accepted, then you are in the right plac, Continue reading to learn how to get accepted into Amazon Merch on Demand.

What is Amazon merch on Demand?

For those who do not know what Merch by Amazon is or AMAZON MERCH ON DEMAND, it is a platform affiliated with Amazon or the Amazon Store. This platform specializes in printing on demand. It gives you many products (shirts, clothes and accessories) without logos. It designs logos for T-shirts.. And you publish it for sale on the Amazon store, and you earn $ 5 on each sale. In other words, every shirt that carries your design that you sell, you earn the amount you specified. For more information about Amazon Merch on demand, you can search on YouTube or the Google search engine. Type in the search engine (what is Amazon merch on demand - make money with Amazon merch on demand...).

How to Get Accepted in Amazon Merch on Demand in 2023

There is no doubt that Amazon merch on demand is the best in the field of printing on demand, and there are many designers who have made very large profits from their designs on this site, including those who earn more than 100 thousand dollars a month, but the problem that many face on this site or This platform is not accepted to join this site, and for this I have come to you with simple and proven ways to accept your account in Amazon merch on demand, God willing.
There are those who say that in order to be accepted into Merch by amazon, you must write a professional letter and send them a website that contains your designs, etc. And I tell you the opposite. There are many who wrote professional letters and provided links to their business websites... They were not accepted, and there are those who wrote a letter containing only 10 words and without adding the website link, and they were accepted, including me and many people.

For example, when I opened the account, I did not add any link, and I wrote to them in a message (I am a designer and I want to sell my designs) only. After 48 hours I was accepted.

To be accepted into merch by amazon or Amazon merch on demand follow these easy steps:
- Try to write a very simple message telling them that you are a designer and understand very well what intellectual property rights and copyrights are. Write a short message without the need to send the link.
- Try to register in the Amazon store first, then register in Amazon KDP, and it is also preferable to buy a product from the Amazon store, then register in AMAZON MERCH ON DEMAND.
- It is preferable that you register with an email that you have registered with in the Amazon store since previously.
- If you have registered for merch by amazon previously and you were rejected, register again from another device and another email.
Sign up the right way, you can search YouTube for how to sign up for Merch by Amazon.

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