Download Pikify Blogger Template 2023 - a new blogger template

Download Pikify Blogger Template 2023 - a new blogger template

Are you looking for the best new blogger template? Do you have a Blogger blog or are you thinking of creating a Blogger blog and are looking for a great template to download for free and install on your blog? Then you are in the right place, we offer you the best blogger template ever, a new blogger template with great features that you can preview and download with a direct link. But before I give you the links to preview and download the template, let me give you some important advice to succeed in the world of blogging and make money from your blog through Adsense ads and others.

For you to know, the beautiful template is not the reason for the success of blogs, and it is not the one that brings a lot of visitors and profit from ads, but rather the template makes the site or blog appear beautifully, and the professional template may help improve the blog in search engines, but the important steps for the success of any blog, whether on Blogger Or any other platform as follows:

- Writing exclusive articles constantly, in order to make your blog successful and receive many visitors from search engines, you must write exclusive articles that contain keywords that are frequently searched for in search engines.

Absolutely avoid copying and pasting or stealing articles from other sites and publishing them directly on your blog without rephrasing them. If you are thinking of stealing content and publishing it on your site, I advise you to withdraw from the blogging world because you will not succeed no matter how hard you try, and your Google Adsense account will be disabled at any time, because Stealing content from other sites and publishing it on your site is completely against the policy of Google Adsense as well as the Google search engine because you will not get good archiving and your site may be deleted from the Google search engine as well.
- Avoid writing articles in niches that are not searched for in Google, because if you do so, you will find yourself writing hundreds of articles and visits are nothing. I write in areas that are frequently searched for.

- Before you open an AdSense account, read the AdSense program policy well so that your account is not suspended due to violating its policy. And before you open an AdSense account, make sure that you have added some important pages on your site, such as the page (privacy policy, usage agreement page, page about the site, and contact us page). Regarding the text of the privacy policy and usage agreement, you can search for it in Google and you will find a ready text, all you have to do It is the replacement of links with links to your site. Or you can find someone to write the texts of the privacy policy and usage agreement for you.

Pikify Blogger Template Features

- A beautiful template that makes your blog look like a WordPress site.
- Designed with all SEO codes and search engine friendly.
- There are many places for adsense ads and others.
- You can completely control the template from the layout and there is no need to modify it from within the HTML
- Professional slideshow.
- Related articles.
- Social media icons.
- And many other features you will discover after downloading and installing it.

To view the template, Click here
To download the template, Click here
To purchase the template, Click here

Note: There is no difference between the free version and the paid version except in some features that are not important for beginners in the field of blogging. But if you want to delete the designer's rights, that is, the designer's link that is located at the bottom of the template, you can purchase the template. But in the beginning, I advise you to use the free version, and when your blog becomes popular and many visitors come to it, then you can buy the paid version, it's up to you.

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