How to make $1000 a month from a movies blog

How to make money online from a movies and series blog, and what are the best advertising companies that you can add ads to your movies website
Welcome to my humble blog. In this humble topic, I will explain to you how to make more than $1,000 per month by creating a blog that specializes in movies and series, and what advertising companies you can add to your site to earn money from your blog.

How to make $1000 a month from a movies blog

There is no doubt that sites specialized in movies and series bring thousands of visitors from search engines, and although such blogs and sites are in violation of the policy of Google Adsense and some other companies, but you can earn much more profits from them than you would earn with Google Adsense, but from pop-up advertising companies and other companies alternative to Google Adsense, and there are some Pop Ads companies that accept all types of sites and you can earn very large profits from them, especially from sites for movies and series and sites for downloading applications and programs ... especially if you own a movie blog, for example, and it has more than 10 thousand visitors, you may earn sometimes $ 300 in One day with some pop-up advertising companies, which I will leave to you at the end of the article.

How to create a Movies Blog for free and earn more than $1,000 per month?

If you are a beginner and do not know how to create your blog on Blogger, you can search YouTube or the Google search engine for (how to create a blog on Blogger + search for a suitable template for movies blogs and you will find many free templates that you can download and install on your blog) and after you create Your blogger on Blogger, you can either use the free sub-domain from Blogger, which belongs to this domain, or you can buy a custom domain for your blog to appear as a professional movies website... You can search on YouTube and Google for (how to buy a domain name + how to Installing a domain name on Blogger).

After creating your blog on Blogger and it is ready, you can search for movies and series, whether on YouTube or websites specialized in movies and series, and add a large number of movies to your blog, but you must write an exclusive title and description for each movie in order for your blog to be archived in search engines, because stolen topics are not They are well archived in search engines, so try to change the titles, description, and images as well, so that your blog is optimized for search engines, because you will rely on search engines to bring visitors.

What are the best advertising companies to make money from movies blog?

There are many alternative companies to Google Adsense to profit from movie sites, and among the best of these companies are:
Propellerads: It is considered the best alternative advertising company to Adsense, and sometimes the return per thousand impressions reaches $ 1300! Yes, I am not lying to you. You can earn imaginary profits from this company, but if the visitors to your blog are from the United States of America, Canada, Europe, and even Arab visits, you can earn from $ 2 to $ 50 per thousand visitors, because the ads of this company are Pop Under ads, and most of its ads are CPA offers, meaning you will earn from impressions and CPA offers at the same time, and that is why sometimes you may notice that the number of visitors to your blog is only 1000 visitors, and the profits exceed 100 dollars.

- Adsteera and Adcash: These companies are also similar to peopellerads. Their ads are popunder ads that pay per view and click, and most of their ads are cpa ads.

How do you double your profits with pop-up advertising companies?

To double your profits, all you have to do is create many blogs in different fields, but these blogs must contain internal links and external links in every topic you publish, because as everyone knows, pop-up ads do not appear on your site unless the visitor clicks somewhere On your site, and for this, in order to earn more from these companies, you must make the visitor click on the links on your site.
Here are some ideas for creating blogs suitable for profit from pop-up advertising companies:
1- Blogger templates blog.
2- Movies and series blog.
3- Download applications and programs blog.
4- The viral blog, or add the Read more button in each article.

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