How To Start Trading With IQ Option With 10 Dollars And Make Big Profits

How to start trading currencies on the iq option app with only $10 and achieve great profits
Hello my friends, our topic today is about forex or currency trading and how to start trading on the IQ OPTION platform or application with only 10 dollars and achieve large profits that may reach thousands of dollars. But before I start explaining, I must tell you that the field of trading is full of risks, you may win a lot of money and you may lose your entire balance, especially if you are trading randomly without experience, but I will present to you a strategy used by everyone who earns large sums of money from forex platforms, especially iq option This strategy is the only one to make profits without losses. Or in other words, if you apply this strategy, you will lose a deal and win 5 deals, and thus a guaranteed profit.

What is the best trading platform you can use?

According to the testimony of most traders, the iqo option platform is the best ever, and this platform is characterized by continuous support around the clock, and it also gives you a demo credit of 1000 dollars for training, and you can also renew the free balance with one click of a button to train well before starting trading with the real balance, and this platform is also easy Usage Any beginner can trade on it easily, unlike other platforms, which are very complex and require a lot of experience. You can trade on iq option on the mobile app.

Now, how do you trade on the IQ OPTION app the right way.
The first step you must take is to REGISTER and DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION. After registering and downloading the application on your phone, you will receive a message via your e-mail. Click on the activation link to activate your account. After registration, you will need to fully activate your account by uploading a copy of your national ID. Then your account will be activated and your name will be added to your account. The last step before trading starts is to deposit an amount of money starting from $10.

How to use the app and trade without losses
First, to deposit money, click on "deposit" and this page will appear
Now choose the deposit method, either by payment card or in many other ways, as you have seen in the picture.
After depositing the money, click on the (+) symbol at the top on the left side, after which these options will appear
To trade binary options, click on the first option "Digital" and then choose the currencies to trade, for example the euro and the dollar... Then this platform will appear to you
Suppose you have deposited 10 dollars and have 10 dollars in your balance, never risk the full 10 dollars but rather trade with a small amount of your capital, and in the “invist” field on the right, choose, for example, an amount of 2 dollars to trade with, then you will find at the bottom the period, Choose a period of only 5s to show you the indicator clearly rising and falling, then follow the indicator, and if it is constantly going up and down, watch it carefully, and if it goes up, click on “Put”, that is, you expect that it will decrease again, and in the event that the period that is often accurate ends with the indicator falling You will win up to 90% of the amount you risked, but if the indicator continues to rise, you will lose the entire amount.

And vice versa, if the indicator was in a state of rise and then fell, click on "Call" means that you expected it to rise, and in the event that the period ends and the indicator is in a state of rise, you will win.

How to trade on the buying and selling platform

First, click on the (+) symbol as before, then click on Forex, then choose currencies, for example, choose the euro and the dollar
Then this platform will appear to you
This option differs from the first option, and it is less risky than binary options. All you have to do is choose the amount that you want to invest and apply the same previous steps. For example, you have noticed that the indicator went up a lot and then fell, so buy by clicking on the “Buy” button. It was the opposite, so choose to sell by clicking on “Sell” and wait until the indicator goes up or down and you achieve a good percentage of profits. If you notice that you have achieved, for example, 50% profits, close the deal by clicking on the CLOSE button below your balance

You can also control the percentage of profits and losses manually, and this is a very important step in order not to lose more than your capital that you invested, and you can also set the percentage of profits and if the profits reach the percentage that you specified, the deal will be closed automatically even if the application is closed, as well as the percentage of loss, for example You specified 50%, and in the event that the loss rate reached 50%, the deal will be closed automatically and you will lose 50% of the balance that you invested, but if you are smart and choose the correct expectation, you will win large sums without losing.
To control the percentage of profit and loss, click on the portfolio icon on the left side, then you will find open deals. Click on the deal that you want to modify
Then a small window will appear, click on the Settings icon and these options will appear
The first option: Take Profit, that is, enter the profit percentage, and when you achieve that percentage of the amount you invested, the deal will be closed automatically.
The second option: Stop Loss, that is, entering the percentage of loss, and when you lose that percentage of the amount you invested, the deal will be closed.

To register on the IQ Option platform, Click here

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