How To Make $5,000 A Month From A Job Blog

How to make $5,000 a month from a job blog

In this humble topic, we will discuss how to create a blog on Blogger that specializes in job offers and job opportunities, and earn $ 5,000 per month from Google Adsense ads.

There is no doubt that among the best specializations or profitable niches for blogs is the jobs niche, and working on a jobs blog is very easy and does not require writing professional or high-quality articles, and the ads that appear on a blog specialized in jobs are 100% targeted, and this means that you will earn Much more than general and random blogs.

How to create a job blog on Blogger

It is very simple and does not require much experience to create a job blog on Blogger, all you have to do is search YouTube for (how to create a Blogger blog) and you will find thousands of videos explaining how to create a blog on Blogger. And after you create your blog on Blogger, search for a professional template and install it on your blog. There are many free and professional templates available for free download, all you have to do is search in Google search engine for these words (Blogger templates, free blogger templates) and you will find a lot of Templates with an explanation of how to install the template. You can also download some professional templates on our website clicking here.

And after you create your blog on Blogger and install a professional template on it, I advise you to purchase a domain name to your blog.

Why do I advise you to buy a custom domain name for your blog?

For you to know, the free sub-link from Blogger, which is (, is considered spam because millions of people use it, and Facebook and other social networking sites consider it spam or unwanted, and therefore it may be stopped at any time, and you will not be able to publish links on Facebook. So if you're thinking of starting a real job blog, I highly recommend you buy a custom domain name for less than $20 a year. To buy a custom domain, you can go to and buy a domain for less than $2 for the first year. You can also search on YouTube for (how to buy a domain on Godaddy and how to install a domain on Blogger), but if you are a beginner and do not know where to start, you can contact us and we will help you for free.

Now that you have created a jobs blog and are ready, you must add some important pages to your blog in order for a real blog or site to appear and for your site to be accepted in the Adsense program also to display ads on your site and profit from your site, and the pages that you must add to your blog are:

- Contact us page: Put on this page the way to contact your email or phone number...

- About the site: On this page, write a description of your site or an overview of your site, for example, write: A jobs blog that offers you the latest job offers....

- Privacy Policy: For the text of the privacy policy, you can search for it in Google and you will find a professional text ready to be added to your blog, or you can write the text yourself as you like.

How to add Job Ads to your blog

To add jobs to your blog, the method is very simple. All you have to do is go to the large job sites and search for new jobs, but before you publish them on your blog, you must rephrase them or write them in your own way so that they are not considered transferred. For you to know, the transferred or stolen topics (copy and paste) It is not well archived in the search engines, and therefore you will not get many visitors from the search engines, and copying and pasting is considered a violation of Google Adsense policy, and therefore your Adsense account may be suspended at any time and without prior notice. You can also search in newspapers and everywhere for new jobs.

As for job topics, there is no need to write topics that contain many words, only 200 words for each topic or job is sufficient, but the title and text must be exclusive in order to be archived strongly and your blog to be at the top of Google search results.

Now that you have published at least 10 job topics on your blog, you can sign up for Adsense to display ads on your site to earn money from your site, and to get an Adsense account, all you have to do is search YouTube and Google for (how to open an Adsense account or how to link a Blogger blog to Adsense) and you will find Thousands of explanations.

How to get thousands of visitors to your blog from the Google search engine?

In order to get thousands of visitors from search engines to your site, you must write exclusive articles that include keywords. You can also publish your blog links on Facebook and Twitter. You can also create advertising campaigns for your site, whether on Facebook or Google.

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