Meet the latest BMW for 2022 - BMW 2022

Today we will talk about the latest car produced so far by the giant company Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, abbreviated as BMW, a German company headquartered in Munich that has more than one nationality, especially in the manufacture of one of the best and most powerful modern cars and motorcycles and was founded in 1916, but today our topic will be a car BMW 2022, but there is more than one model for it, the ALpina B7, a version that has a turbo V8 engine that has power up to 600 hp, and the M760i version comes like the above 600 hp, but with a stronger engine, the latest V12 and the 750i version comes with a turbo engine, a very powerful model with an engine With a power of 523 horsepower,The 745E version was a powerful propulsion system with an electric motor with a power of 389 hp and the 740I version had a power of 335 six cylinders, which is a sophisticated and modern car that keeps pace with the times. Some new updates have been added to this category of the sedan. The space part of the car was studied to be added in this version and the German giant was keen to focus on The development of technology in the car, especially with the means of safety in the car, with attention to entertainment and transmission technology, without losing the modern shape, whether external or internal, and the size will suit everyone, the flexibility of movement and the strength of aluminum, including tires, and now we will move to the specifications of the car and some of the features and characteristics of the BMW 2022Car specifications and some features and characteristics of the BMW 2022Car specifications and some features and characteristics of the BMW 2022 
Meet the new BMW for 2022

Specifications of the BMW 2022 7 Series

The car comes with a length of 524.7 cm, a width of 214.2 cm, and a length of 147.8 cm. As for the base of the tires for the car, it reaches 321 cm. The weight will be from 1925 kg to 2340 kg. The car has an internal cooling and heating system that works with all conditions efficiently The car has an automatic electric steering that supports the connection to all modern tablet devices and systems, and the seats come with leather-covered seats that give a juicy look and add to the beauty of the car.

The interior and exterior design of the BMW 7 Series 2022

- The car is characterized by its flexibility and its ability to deal with any difficult roads with how to deal with any corner without affecting the balance of the car 
The car has a modern technology system with a sensor for the glass area with a device equipped with the car to make the temperature suitable inside the car with the power of four-wheel drive with reaching approximately 17 miles of distance.

- It has an aggressive, powerful, luxurious appearance, and the giant company also provides more than one color with a curved and tilted roof with the car's support for the struts attached to the car doors, with the car owning a very strong shock-resistant wall.

The car seats are characterized by having more than 18 positions only to provide comfort for the passenger with a central console with a panoramic sunroof protected from ultraviolet rays.
As for the display, the car has a 10.2-inch touch screen display that includes 16 speakers on the inside, a special system for wireless charging and a Harman Kardon audio system for voice recognition.

Driver assistance systems for the BMW 2022 7 Series

1 - A sensor that immediately warns of a collision from the front
2- A system that detects the blind spot
3 - A centralized seat belt system consisting of 3 rear points 
4 - A system that warns if the vehicle leaves the designated lane
5 - Traction control feature 
6 - A feature that prevents the brakes from locking up 
7 - A feature that provides information on speed limits to avoid any fines, because some countries specify a certain speed on the road 
8 - Air Bag System provides 8 airbags for more protection 
9 - The car has adaptive brake lights to provide more comfort and safety while braking
10 - The car has bars on the sides to absorb shocks.

BMW 2022 cars prices for the seventh series

 1- BMW 7 730i ranges from 106.7 thousand dollars to 111.93 thousand dollars 
2- BMW 7 740i ranging from 135.11 thousand dollars to 138.58 thousand dollars 

3- BMW 7 750 i ranges from 160.43 thousand dollars to 165.23 thousand dollars 

4- BMW 7 760i ranging from 172.69 thousand dollars to 175.89 thousand dollars 

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